Cable Bahamas gets REVOICE ready for mobile service with $3 million network upgrade

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Cable Bahamas has announced that its REVOICE phone service is operating at an optimal level following the success of a $3 million network upgrade. The system upgrade provides the nearly 30,000 REVOICE home and business subscribers with new and enhanced phone capabilities, and has positioned the company to offer integrated multimedia services for landline and future mobile subscribers.

Among the improvements to the REVOICE service is the ‘call forward dependable’ feature that enables users to forward incoming calls to an alternate phone number. In the near future, subscribers may also choose to forward voicemails to any e-mail address of their choice while they are away from home using the new voicemail to e-mail feature.

Cable Bahamas' REVOICE phone service is operating at an optimal level following a $3 million network upgradeCable Bahamas Head of Marketing David Burrows said the investment in the new Metaswitch phone infrastructure and software system was a strategic move in the company’s plan to acquire the next cellular license and offer the Bahamian public quality quadruple play services. Mr Burrows expressed confidence that Cable Bahamas can meet to the nation’s mobile phone service needs. He noted that the recent system upgrade was an integral part of an ongoing process to establish a foundation that will enable the company to combine landline and future mobile services.

The Bahamas Government released the criteria last week in its request for proposal [RFP] for the second national cellular license, which is expected to be granted in 2015. Cable Bahamas expressed its confidence in its financial and technical qualifications as outlined in the RFP, and in its readiness to meet the demand of Bahamas residents for advance mobile communications.

“We’ve been moving towards delivering mobile phone service for some time now,” Mr Burrows stated. “Upgrading our back-end phone switch is a critical component of managing phone services for home, business and mobile customers into the future.”

Thus far, Cable Bahamas has seen remarkable success with its REVOICE product, which, in three years, has penetrated the total landline phone market by over 28 per cent. Through the fixed-line voice service, Cable Bahamas has offered Bahamians a more reliable and cost-effective alternative for phone service.

According to Mr Burrows, the telecommunications company anticipates providing the same excellence in a mobile service.

“We know that it’s not enough to talk about improvements and ‘being better’, but being capable of actually delivering is what customers really care about,” Mr Burrows said. “We have already demonstrated our technical ability with the quality and reliability of REVOICE. We see businesses choosing REVOICE at an incredible rate. Families rely on reaching out to each other with REVOICE. And with our new phone service infrastructure now in place we can extend that in mobile services in the future.”

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