Cable Bahamas launches new 70 megabits per second broadband Internet service

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Cable Bahamas launches new 70 megabits per second broadband Internet serviceLess than one month after officially launching speed increases of 500 per cent, Cable Bahamas has now released its much-anticipated REVON Extreme. This new level of service delivers home Internet speeds at up to 70 megabits per second, which is nearly nine times faster than the nearest competition. The company claims that it is the fastest Internet service that has ever been available to residential customers in The Bahamas.

REVON Extreme is now available to all areas that Cable Bahamas serves in New Providence and Grand Bahama.

“Our goal is to deliver the best, fastest and truly most reliable Internet service to our subscribers,” said Cable Bahamas Head of Marketing and REVON Product Manager David Burrows. “REVON Extreme is a huge step forward, not just for our company but our customers. Communication needs have changed and the Internet is a crucial part of all of our lives at home,” Burrows added.

“We know that no other Internet service provider in The Bahamas comes close to the speeds that we now offer residential customers, however, we also know that the entire discussion is not just about speed,” Mr Burrows said. “It is as much about capacity. That is what determines how many different devices families can use online at the same time and enjoy their Internet experience without constantly waiting.”

Mr Burrows stated that a household of three or four people with multiple devices will quickly use up the total bandwidth that is available. “We’ve seen Internet usage increase dramatically, especially in the last year. Bahamians are using the Internet to work and play more, and low bandwidth speeds of 4 or 8 megabits per second speed just can’t meet the demand of today’s subscribers.”

Four weeks ago when Cable Bahamas announced the imminent launch of the 70-megabit REVON Extreme service, the company immediately received intense interest and created a waiting list for those that were anxious and ready to sign up. Fortunate test customers were able to experience REVON Extreme in April, and Cable Bahamas stated they have been raving about it ever since.

REVON Extreme was introduced to consumers in April at The Mall at Marathon when Cable Bahamas created The Connected Home exhibition that showed as many as 10 active devices using a single REVON Extreme service for bandwidth intensive applications, with no degradation in performance. Despite the number of devices streaming full-screen high definition video to various TVs, and online video games being played at the same time, visitors to the mall exhibition got a first-hand experience of the speed and capacity that REVON Extreme is able to deliver.

“Moms are Skyping, dads are watching YouTube, kids are playing video games online. And they’re doing it all at the same time,” Mr Burrows stated. “These are the things that are commonplace in more and more families, every single day.” Mr Burrows asserted that Cable Bahamas is meeting these demands.

Since the company increased the speeds of all of its REVON broadband Internet products it has seen a 400 per cent jump in sales. Usage levels have also jumped by more than 20 per cent during that same period, as Bahamian households are demanding more capacity to meet their normal day-to-day Internet needs.

Consumers that wish to move up to the new REVON Extreme service level will require the very latest cable modem technology to do so. Cable Bahamas advised that anyone that signs up for or switches to REVON broadband Internet is eligible to receive a cable modem, installation, and three months of service for any speed level at no cost. The company is also giving away two prize packages worth $5,000 to new and existing customers.

Existing REVON customers can receive a new modem by exchanging their current modem at Cable Bahamas’ locations in Nassau or Grand Bahama, or contacting the company to arrange an installer to come to their premises to do so, at no additional cost.

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