Cable Bahamas launches "Turn Us On" initiative to show readiness for mobile licence

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With the impending award of a second cellular licence for mobile telephone and data service coming this year, Cable Bahamas is staking its claim to becoming The Bahamas’ first company to offer an alternative in the market.    

This  week,  the  company is launching a  “new era of open information” that will inform every Bahamian of the benefits they can expect should Cable Bahamas be the successful applicant for the licence.

Under the theme “We’re Ready – Turn Us On!” Cable Bahamas’ intensive information initiative is designed to clearly show the impact and uses of new and innovative technologies, the importance of  wider and more reliable coverage, and how affordable mobile voice and data communication can make The Bahamas better.

“We know there is no other company inside or outside the country that can deliver what our people want today,” said Cable Bahamas Vice President of Marketing, David Burrows. “We’ve got the technical expertise, proven customer service people that work 24/7 every day of the year, we consistently bring the innovation our customers demand, we’re financially strong, and—perhaps most importantly—we are 100 per cent Bahamian owned. No other company can say all of these things,” Mr. Burrows asserted.

“We fully understand how significant the decision is for who the next operator will be,” Burrows said. “But, more than that, we appreciate the positive impact of an effective, well-run service and the benefits that that will bring for our country.”

Over the next few weeks, the company will use social media and other means to share with the Bahamian people why efficient mobile cellular service is essential to the nation, and why Cable Bahamas is the natural choice to provide it. The company will be using a series of hashtags in their social media efforts related to the information campaign, including #WeAreReady #TurnUsOn #WhatsInItForYou and #100PercentBahamian which will enable others to participate in the initiative.

The  market has been desperately anticipating a competitive alternative in mobile phone services, with the current provider not adequately meeting the reliability demands of the market.

“Competition is good,” said Mr. Burrows. “We have always lead the way with competitive services, and getting mobile competition in The Bahamas will certainly open the way to efficiency, affordability and innovation for customers.”

Cable Bahamas is intent on demonstrating why the company believes it is the best qualified for the job of providing mobile services to The Bahamas, but it is also focused on presenting the benefits and advantages to which residents can look forward.

“We want the public to have the full knowledge to make the right decisions for the way forward in The Bahamas,” said Mr. Burrows. “Openness and transparency is the right approach and we want to play our part in getting the information out there.”

Cable Bahamas was the first company to introduce a national cable television service, the first company to deliver broadband Internet service to The Bahamas,  and the first to provide an alternative landline telephone service for residential and business customers.

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