Cable Bahamas "beefs up" executive team as it pushes for the country's second mobile licence

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David Burrows, Cable Bahamas Vice President of Marketing

David Burrows, Cable Bahamas Vice President of Marketing

In a move to strengthen its executive team and prepare for opportunities ahead, Cable Bahamas today announced the addition of David Burrows and David Van Dyke to their senior executive group.

“David Burrows, our new vice president of marketing, who has demonstrated his ability in taking a strategic vision and executing on that vision, will strengthen Cable Bahamas’ position as the industry leader,” said Anthony Butler, president and CEO. “With a proven track record for successfully leading large-scale initiatives and driving innovation, David’s leadership skills are well suited to lead Cable Bahamas’ development efforts as we continue in our mission to revolutionise the telecommunications sector in The Bahamas,” added Mr Butler.

David Burrows’ experience in the industry and the company spans more than 18 years, starting with Cable Bahamas on the ground floor as Marketing Assistant in 1996. After demonstrating his strength in marketing strategy and execution, David was promoted several times, reaching Director of Marketing in 2000 and Head of Marketing in 2012. During this time, he guided the launch of broadband Internet services, which now has over 75 per cent market share. David was also responsible for the communications plan for the digitisation of Cable Bahamas’ network. Significantly, he managed the rebranding of the company with the introduction of the REV theme and new product lines, REVTV, REVON and REVOICE.

David’s appointment to the position of vice president is a clear indication of Cable Bahamas’ confidence in his leadership qualities, and the company’s commitment in developing local Bahamian talent in the succession planning of the company.

Mr Burrows has served on the board of the Caribbean Cable & Telecommunications Association (CCTA) for seven years and is its’ current chairman. The organisation is region wide and serves eighteen operators in twenty jurisdictions in the region.

David Van Dyke, vice president of customer fulfillment, joined Cable Bahamas in 2012 bringing with him a wide range of industry knowledge primarily in the field of telecom. David has been in the communications industry for 20 years and has worked for mobile telecoms leaders such as Vodafone, Digicel, Wind Mobile and BlackBerry. David’s career has taken him all over the world in both product management and senior sales management functions giving him a unique insight into both the mobile and fixed global telecommunications markets.

“Mr Van Dyke’s track record speaks for itself,” said Mr. Butler. “Additionally, his vast knowledge of mobile retail landscapes around the world will be critical as we bid for the mobile cellular licence.”

David Van Dyke has been instrumental in helping Cable Bahamas achieve the unprecedented 26 per cent of The Bahamas’ home phone market in two years with REVOICE. He has been taking a leading role in steering the REV team as it readies itself for the coming TV competition, and as the company makes its bid for mobile cellular services. Additionally, he conceived and launched Pulse 5 talk TV and had major successes in the business and media sales market.

These appointments demonstrate Cable Bahamas’ commitment to its staff and managerial strength from within. They also augur well as the company makes the bid for the second mobile licence in The Bahamas. Both vice presidents have extensive communications experience in their fields and, in particular, mobile cellular services and applications as Cable Bahamas launches it’s Turn Us On campaign (#TurnUsOn).

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