Commercial Services

Cable Bahamas Limited provides 100% fiber optic “On Net” service to local and international wholesale capacity purchasers, telecommunication carriers, Internet service providers, as well as enterprise clients within The Bahamas.

  • Connect US and Bahamas branch locations with secure circuits
  • Capable of supporting very high volume throughput such as video-conferencing, image transfers, bulk data transfers, interactive transactions, host-to-host connections and online marketing programs
  • Completely scalable bandwidth services available from fractional T1 through OC48
  • Private line service and clear channels
  • Monthly, quarterly or annualized billing options
  • Contract terms of 12 month, and discounts offered for multi-year commitments
  • Interconnectivity services (Single point of contact)
  • Caribbean Crossings will arrange for all end-to-end connectivity needs throughout the world through its working arrangements, interconnection agreements, and NNIs with other telecommunications carriers


Business Solutions

  • Diverse Routing
  • One-Stop Shopping
  • Strong Reputation for Service, Quality, Responsiveness
  • Personalized Business Planning & Dedicated Sales
  • Pricing Simplicity
  • Strong Financial Resource


Technical Solutions

  • All Optical Solution- End-to-End Fiber
  • Fiber First – No Legacy Copper Network
  • Premium Quality, Scalable, Large Bandwidth Capacity
  • Demonstrated Track Record
  • Constantly Innovation-IPL-MPLS-IP


Technical Support

  • 24/7 Network Management Control through Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Service Level Agreements – above industry availability in The Caribbean
  • 24/7 Customer Care
  • Tier I, II, II Support Teams