CoralWave Internet speeds shoot through the roof

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Get ready to surf the Internet at speeds that will make history! Asking the question “How Fast Do You Like It?” on Monday, June 18th, 2007, CoralWave, the nation’s leading broadband provider, is launching its new services, bringing Bahamians new lightening fast residential Internet speeds, which will be increasing up to 9 megabits per second. These residential CoralWave Internet speeds will now be more than 225% faster than existing services, 160 times faster than local dial-up services, 20 times quicker than the local DSL Auto Speed product, rivaling the top speeds in North America and unmatched in the Caribbean region.

“For example,” David Burrows, Director of Marketing and Pay-Per View, revealed “a customer with this extraordinary speed at their figure tips can now download a movie, which would take over a day with dial-up Internet service and over four hours with DSL, in as little as 11 minutes with CoralWave.”

According to Andre’ Foster, Vice-President of IT for Cable Bahamas, “There is no doubt; this speed increase marks a landmark event in communications here in the Bahamas.”

CoralWave speed offerings, which are known by their musical names of Jazz, Lite, Groove and Rock, will now vary from 1.5 megabits per second to 3, 6 and 9 megabits per second. There will be no increase in price to CoralWave subscribers for this dynamic upgrade.

To celebrate these musical themes of this product line, CoralWave is using the talent of Bahamian musicians, past and present. Since each of the Internet products is represented by its own signature tempo, a different music and musician is featured. During the initial phase of the “How Fast Do You Like It?” campaign, CoralWave will highlight the music of George Symonette, the unique guitar style of Joseph Spence as performed by Fred Ferguson and Geno D, the Rake N’ Scrape of Ophie and the Webbsites and the Junkanoo sounds of Colours.

In addition to the Bahamian music, CoralWave retained the services of Lakeisha Bostwick of the National Dance Company to choreograph original dance routines for each of the four musical genres, which her dancers have performed for music videos that can be seen on Cable TV as commercials for the new CoralWave “How Fast Do You Like It?” campaign.

Photographs of these dancers will also be featured on striking black “How Fast Do You Like It?” trucks belonging to Cable Bahamas and will be seen on the road all over New Providence and on Grand Bahama.

David Burrows credits the inspiration for this exciting new “How Fast Do You Like It?” campaign to the performances of the Bahamian performers at CARIFESTA Caribbean Festival of Arts, last August in Trinidad. “When CoralWave was looking for the most effective way to market our ‘How Fast Do You Like It?’ campaign, we could think of no better way than to use the dynamic sound of Bahamian music and the exemplary talent of our dancers and performers. We are,” Mr. Burrows stated “excited about the potential of these quintessential Bahamian sounds for marketing these incredible new products that will position CoralWave as the unquestioned leader in Internet Broadband services and technology, both here in The Bahamas and in the Caribbean.”

“We are extending an invitation to the Internet subscribers of other ISP’s in The Bahamas,” Mr. Burrows concludes, “to switch to CoralWave and test the power that these new speeds will bring to their online experience.”

“By leveraging the technology and robustness of the Cable Bahamas network we aim to enhance the customer’s enjoyment as they interact with the Internet, with speeds unmatched by any provider in the nation,” added Andre Foster. “We will continue to keep pace with technology as the demand for greater and greater Internet speeds increase to keep up with larger and larger downloads of music, movies, software, games and online television entertainment”.

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