How do I navigate through the selections?

in REVTV Support

keenimedia-34REVTV On Demand functions can be accessed through the use of your remote. Press the Up, Down, Left, Right buttons on your remote to navigate through the menus and press OK to select an item.


The numbers within the parenthesis show the number of titles available. For example, in the “Just In” category there are (8) titles available and in the “New Releases” category there are (101) titles that can be viewed.


keenimedia-49In the “Movies” category there are subcategories below which offer various genres of movies making it even easier to find exactly what you are looking for. To obtain additional information on any of the titles listed such as the price, viewing window, actors, director and a brief description of the plot, you can press the “Info” button on your remote. You can also view movie trailers by selecting “play” in the “Info” section of the movie.