Testing your Internet speed

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Test your speed here: http://www.speedtest.net

How do I conduct a successful speed test?

  1. To test your performance, we recommend connecting your computer directly to your cable modem, bypassing any networking equipment (wireless hubs, firewalls, gateways). With this configuration, your computer should have a publicly accessible Internet address.
  2. Test your performance from various sites. The REVON Speed Test Server allows testing from a Nassau site as well as a site in Atlanta, Georgia: The “Nassau” test is an on-net speed test that can help to determine your local network performance. The “Atlanta” test is an off-net speed performance indicator. It conducts a speed test using a server in Atlanta. Tests from both sites should be used in verifying your overall performance. Several factors can affect your results: Optimal PC Health with current antivirus software. Connectivity to your cable modem (wireless, LAN, etc.) Internet traffic patterns. Time of day. Test server load.
  3. For consistent results, please test your connection several times over 24 hours from both sites. Performance results of 70% to 80% of your service level are reasonable expectations. Results consistently below 50% of your service level could indicate a problem affecting your service. We recommend opening a ticket with our expert support staff. REVON support is available 24 hours a day via email at iss@cablebahamas.com or by telephone (toll-free) at 1-242-300-2200.
  4. When submitting speed test results to iss@cablebahamas.com, please take screenshots and attach them to the email or copy and paste the results in the email. To perform a screenshot, press the Alt button and Print Screen button (usually located at the top-right of your keyboard) holding them down at the same time. Then, open WordPad and paste your screen shot into the document. Finally, attach the saved document to your email with the subject “Speed Test Results”.