An open letter to REV subscribers from VP of Marketing

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Dear REV​ Subscriber,

We wanted to show you our appreciation for your support over the 21 years since we have been your provider. On June 20th, we told you that we are launching 25 new channels, enhancing our TV packages with 50 additions, and restructuring all of our services to provide you with better content. Yes, we have been listening! We know you want more channels and more content, and we’re bringing it to you.

We have 25 brand new channels being added to our TV line ­up – only half of the total of 50 channel changes coming to our channel packages. This includes over 20 channels new to Prime (basic).

We have heard you when you told us you prefer we don’t duplicate our channel lineup. On July 7th, we will remove channels 5 through 56, and our channel line up will begin at channel 200. Don’t panic! Nothing is going away – all of those channels will still be on the same higher channels they have been on since 2005, along with a lot of new channels.

Channel 200 will be the new place to help you find where your channels are located. We have created a smart channel guide that allows you to find the content you want all together. Here is a quick guide where you will see how our channels are grouped together:

  • Networks: 206-229
  • Family: 250-300
  • Kids: 300-320
  • Entertainment: 325-390
  • News: 400-426
  • Drama: 450-492
  • Movies/VOD: 500-586
  • Inspirational: 650-661
  • Foreign Language 676-699
  • Sports: 700-770
  • Pay-Per-View/Adult: 800-895
  • Music/Radio 900-990

There are no price changes for the additional channels. Please look through our product guide so you can identify your favorite channels, what is new and where they are located. You will also find information on all of our products and product enhancements, including free speed upgrades for triple play customers when you get Trio and two new apps to allow video streaming for five channels.

We have valued your business over the years and we want you to know we will continue to work for you to bring the revolutionary innovation you expect from REV!

Thank you for being our customer. Keep watching; there is more to come.



David J. Burrows
Vice President, Marketing
Cable Bahamas Ltd


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