OUR TV – The Community Channel airs programs on any topic that is of interest to the Bahamian public. Local, in-house original and international programming covering the general areas of religion, sports, health, education, culture and government make up the mainstay of OUR TV’s daily program offerings. Additionally, the Community Channel presents a news program, OUR News, at 7:30pm, 9:30pm and 11:30pm, Monday – Friday.

OUR News

OUR News is OUR TV’s Bahamas and Caribbean weekday news show. This exciting, fast paced thirty (30) minute news program is aired Monday through Friday and presents stories on all relevant news items and societal issues affecting life in our region.

OUR News is presented in conjunction with The Nassau Guardian / Star FM. It airs weeknights at 7:30 P.M., 9:30 P.M. and 11:30 P.M. with an update at 5:30 P.M. and features several news segments that cover topical areas such as civics, business, tourism and health. We invite you to READ, LISTEN and WATCH as we deliver all the news on time and always with your interest and concerns in mind!



Original Programming

OUR TV’s original programs are all geared to enlighten and inform our viewers about what is happening in their communities and the nation. Uplifting Bahamian people through a multidiscipline analysis of Bahamian culture is the planned core objective of OUR TV. Ultimately, these programs provide our viewers access to their own developing lifestyles through a variety of shows featuring the perspectives of both qualified and experienced practitioners.



Dr. Keith Wisdom, a seasoned television broadcaster.

Portraits is a sixty (60) minute biographical show features Bahamians whose life’s work or careers have been such to deem them “Nation Builders”. Portraits focuses on presenting the rich, personal essence, history and personality of our special guest. Portraits differs from other biography shows in that each edition is presented solely by the actual individual whose life story is being featured.

Airs: Thursdays & Sundays
Time: 8:00pm
New Episodes: Monthly

Student of Substance


Student of Substance is a sixty (60) minute investigative biographical show for the whole family, which highlights some of the most outstanding, community-minded young people in our schools and communities. Each edition focuses on students who have demonstrated active leadership either within the confines of their school, church or their community. Hence, the viewer gets a refreshing look at what some special young Bahamians find interesting and important.

Airs: Tuesdays
Time: 8:00pm
New Episodes: Monthly

The Political View

Jeffery Lloyd is an attorney and highly respected broadcast journalist with an unprecedented refreshing perspective on local and international politics..

The Political View is a show specially designed for Bahamians who want to follow all of the political activities as they develop in our nation. The Political View is focused solely on party politics in the Bahamas. All the players, conventions, elections, speeches and promises are covered and analyzed on this show with a mix of balanced commentary, partisanship and independent perspectives.

Airs: Wednesdays
Time: 9:00pm
New Episodes: Monthly


Tanya McCartney is an attorney, former senator and respected business leader in the Bahamas financial community..

RoundTable uses a thirty (30) minute talk show format to bring together some of the most high-profile and successful professionals doing business in the Bahamas today. The show focuses on national issues that directly affect the basics of life for most Bahamians. This show is a direct, no-holds-barred exchange between the show’s host and two special guests – most often top level practitioners in the area being discussed.

Airs: Mondays
Time: 8:30pm
New Episodes: Monthly



Voice is a thirty (30) minute show that explores all the facets of education in the Bahamas. Voice is designed to give local and regional educational practitioners, as well as anyone interested in the art of learning, an opportunity to share their opinions and concerns and even suggest remedies for issues facing our educational system, process and future of education in the Bahamas.

Airs: Wednesdays
Time: 9:00pm
New Episodes: Monthly

My Five Cents


My Five Cents is a thirty (30) minute show that focuses on the current views of typical Bahamians. Each edition is anchored by two related, topical questions that are given to ordinary Bahamians who are found at major public locations during normal or celebrative occasions. 

 This show is not to be missed if you want to experience the “heart” and perspectives of a wide variety of Bahamians, young and old.

Airs: Mondays at 9:00pm, Wednesdays at 8:00pm and Saturdays at 6:30pm
New Episodes: Bi-Monthly