REV partners with NPCC to provide call center for Dorian Victims and their families

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“The nation’s top communications provider facilitates emergency call center.”

REV provided critical equipment along with 8 commercial grade landline telephones to furnish an emergency call center at New Providence Community Center to provide much needed assistance to evacuees and victims of hurricane Dorian.

Kecia Francis, a volunteer at New Providence Community Center said, “The call center is a place that means hope. They can call, and perhaps hear a voice, it’s like getting a hug over the phone. Persons can feel as though others care and are looking for their loved ones. Victims can call in to be rescued because if we get any information about emergency evacuation we can send them directly to the person responsible for rescuing.”

Locals can contact 698-CARE for emergency relief, emergency evacuations, missing persons, and donations or volunteer work to help.

Francis explained that the call center would not be possible without key players like REV. “REV gave us the phones as well as the phone lines, Aliv gave us the number, Custom Computers gave us the laptops to help, we  also have so it has been a group effort and things have come together very nicely so we are pleased.”

Although there are no guarantees, Francis said “At least we can give people the feeling that someone is doing something and that not all hope is lost.”

REV COO John Gomez, said “In times like these we all have to come together and do what we can. At REV our expertise is communications technology so naturally we were happy to offer that. We are a communications solutions company and in this time when reliable communication is literally a matter of life and death we are happy to step up to the plate and assist.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this incredible new technology!

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