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January 30, 2019

10:28am: Please be advised that there is a reported outage in the Frobisher Drive area of Freeport. The technical team is investigating to see if there is a commercial power outage in the area. Further updates will be shared once available.

11:02am: REV services have been restored.


January 25, 2019

5:14am: Please be advised that there is a reported commercial power outage in the Beachway Dr area of Freeport. GB Power states there was an issue in this area earlier; however, power has been restored. The REV technical team will investigate further.

7:34am: The technical team is investigating the outage in Beachway Dr. An update will be posted once available.

11:09am: The node will be placed on generator due to no commercial power coming to the node. GB Power has been contacted to correct this issue. Updates will be sent as they become available.

3:44pm: Commercial power has now been restored to the area.


January 24, 2019

6:56pm: There is a reported utility power outage affecting REV services in the following areas:

Abaco Drive
Balao Road
Bank Lane
Booty Drive
Caliban & Duke Drive
Cresswell Road
Doubloon Road
E. Sunrise Highway
Fiddlers & S. Ringwood
Fortune Bay Drive
Fortune Bay Drive/Shannon
Homes Rock
Jollyrodger Drive
Lincoln Park 3
Midshipman Highway
Montrose Drive
Pinkpearl Drive
Pinta Avenue
Pinta & Aberdeen
Rev. Wellington Pinder Estates
Royal Palm Way
Rum Cay Drive
Santa Maria Drive
Schooner Drive
Sea Horse Road
Shipton Drive
Spanish Main Drive Area
Sulfolk Lane
Sunrise and Church Hill
Sunset Subdivision
Tradewinds Drive
Waterfall Drive
West Atlantic Drive
West Mall Drive
Westbeach Road
Yorkshire Drive
Zanadu Beach Area

8:25pm: REV services are now restored to several areas. The following areas still have no commercial power:

Easement off Epson Rd
East End Grand Bahama
Homes Rock
Lewis Yard
Poinciana Drive
Queens Highway
Sea Grape

We will continue to post updates.

10:52pm: All affected services are back online.


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