When you sign up for REVOICE, you can access 17 innovative calling features at no additional cost! Learn more about these convenient features below.

Revoice Call Forward IconCall Forwarding to a Backup Phone
(Call Forward Dependable)

Even if you have technical problems, we’ve got you covered. You can choose to have your calls forwarded to an alternate number any time through REVOICE’s Call Forwarding to a Backup Phone feature. In the event there is a temporary interruption of your REVOICE services, you can have your calls automatically sent to an alternate number, such as a mobile phone or work number.

Note: When service is restored, calls will automatically ring to your REVOICE telephone number.


Revoice Caller ID IconCaller ID

See who’s calling before you pick up the phone! With this handy feature, you can have the name and phone number of incoming callers displayed on your phone’s caller ID screen.


Revoice Call Waiting IconCall Waiting / Cancel Call Waiting

You never have to miss a call. When you’re on the phone and a new call comes in, press the hook switch or flash button to place your current call on hold and answer the new call. Press the hook switch or flash button again and you’ll return to the original call. If you don’t want a particular conversation to be interrupted, you may cancel call waiting on a per-call basis by pressing *70 before dialing a number.


Revoice Call Waiting with Caller Id IconCall Waiting With Caller ID

Caller ID information for new calls lets you decide whether or not to interrupt your current call.


Revoice Custom Speed Dial IconCustom Speed Dial

Customize your speed dial with the eight numbers you call most often. To set up, go off hook and dial *74. You will hear a stutter tone then a dial tone. Enter the speed dial code (2 – 9), then enter the telephone number to be stored under that code (eg 601-0999) and then enter the # key. You will receive a confirmation tone. The number is then stored. To dial 601-0999, simply go off hook, get a dial tone & enter 2# and that telephone number will ring.


Revoice Custom 3 Way Calling Icon3-Way Calling

It’s easy to add a third person to your calls. After placing your first call, press the hook switch or flash button before dialing another number. Once you have the second call on the line, press flash again and all three of you can join in the conversation. The call will continue as a 3-way conversation until the original caller hangs up.


Revoice Call Return IconCall Return (*69)

Dial *69 to get the caller ID information for the last call you received, then press 1 if you’d like to call the number back.


Revoice Call Forward IconCall Forwarding

Your calls can reach you even when you’re away from home. Press *72 followed by the number where you want your calls to be sent. When you want your calls to be received at home again, just press *73.


Revoice Call Blocking IconAnonymous Call Blocker

Dial *77 and you’ll block all calls without caller ID information. To deactivate Anonymous Call Blocker, dial *87.

Revoice Busy ReDial IconBusy Redial

When you get a busy signal, hang up then press *66 before dialing the number again. If you receive a busy signal again, hang up and Busy Redial will keep trying to connect your call for up to 30 minutes. To cancel a Busy Redial request, dial *86.


Revoice Caller Id Blocking IconCaller ID Blocking (*67)

For more privacy, you can decide if you want your caller ID information blocked on a particular call. Dial *67 to keep your name and number from being shown. Please note that when using this feature, your calls may be blocked by anyone using an anonymous call blocking feature.


Revoice Do not Disturb IconDo Not Disturb

Need some quiet time? Press *78 and all incoming calls will be met with an announcement that you’re not taking calls at this time. When you’re ready to receive calls again, press *79.


Revoice Selective Calling IconSelective Call Acceptance

Create a list of up to 32 phone numbers. Calls from numbers that are not on your screening list will be blocked unless the caller enters a PIN number. To set up your Selective Call Acceptance list and PIN, use *68 and follow the instructions.


Revoice Selective Calling Blocking IconSelective Call Rejection

Block calls for up to 32 phone numbers – just dial *60 and follow the instructions for activating this feature and managing your list. Dial *60 to deactivate this feature.


Revoice Selective Calling Forward IconSelective Call Forwarding

List up to 32 numbers for forwarding your calls. It’s easy – activate this feature by dialing *63 and following the instructions.


Revoice Toll Barring IconToll Barring

Avoid extra costs by restricting access to toll or long-distance numbers. Let your customer care representative know that you wish this feature activated.


Revoice Customer Orgination Trace IconCustomer Origination Trace

Protect yourself against fraudulent or malicious calls. If you receive an abusive call, hang up and wait for a dial tone then press *57. A record will be stored as a Customer Origination Trace record and made available upon request from the proper authorities under the relevant laws of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.


Revoice VoiceMail IconVoicemail

REVOICE makes it easy to manage your messages. Each REVOICE line includes a free voicemail box with up to 180 minutes of storage. Plus, you can customise your voicemail with two greetings, each up to 90 seconds long, and receive as many as 35 messages up to 5 mins long!

From REVOICE line:

*123 to access your voicemail box

On first use, you will be guided through simple menus which will help you customize your voicemail service, including changing your password.