Connect your business to the fastest Internet in the nation

To build a successful business you need a great idea, the right location and fast, reliable Internet service! REVON Pro is the number one broadband Internet solution in the Bahamas that businesses can trust.

Why choose REVON Pro?

REVON Pro will provide your business with unlimited 24/7 high-speed Internet access without the need for a phone line. Experience true broadband Internet access with speeds up to 18 Mb/s download and up to 1.5 Mb/s upload.

  • You’re always on, no need to dial up or connect
  • Won’t tie up your phone or fax line
  • Up to 6 e-mail addresses
  • Available Static IP addresses

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*Price not inclusive VAT. Speeds shown represent approximate performance that can be expected for traffic on our own network and are not guaranteed.