• True broadband Internet access: up to 18 Mb/s download and up to 1.5 Mb/s upload
  • You’re always online, there’s no need to dial up or connect
  • Doesn’t tie up your phone or fax line — in fact, no phone service is required at all!
  • Up to 6 email addresses (give your email its own identity.)
  • Available Static IP addresses
  • Free Internet installation
  • Cable modem at $99.99
  • 24x7x365 priority technical support (242-601-8910)
  • Best time to get your business online

REVON Pro provides your business with unlimited 24/7 high-speed Internet access without the need for a phone line, with user bandwidth speeds of up to 18 Mb/s download and up to 1.5 Mb/s upload.

The cable modem can be connected directly to a single PC, router or firewall using the TCP/IP protocol. The Internet is then available to all users whom you specify throughout the company. When you receive a specified bandwidth, you can add users as your company grows and have unlimited users with unlimited usage at no extra cost.



If your business needs more bandwidth, security and reliability, perhaps REVON Fibre* is what you need. It is an optical Ethernet solution providing LAN-to-LAN and LAN-to-Internet connectivity of up to 1 Gb/s. Built on a proven IP-over-fibre architecture, our high-speed services bring fibre directly to your office.

REVON Fibre, our Ethernet IP Network, seamlessly extends your company’s LAN to other business locations, while our Internet service brings the web to your LAN at breakaway speeds. With REVON Fibre, you can securely connect distant locations to create a single managed Wide-Area IP Network. Hence, you can connect remote offices through fibre loops, either on the same island or on different islands. You can also consolidate your network management with centralized Internet service (as well as your own enterprise applications) distributed to distant locations.

With this service, your business gets a major upgrade from legacy voice-oriented technology systems to streamlined, data-optimized IP-over-glass. That means greater flexibility, fewer points of failure and higher reliability. Whatever your networking needs, from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps, REVON Fibre connects you to the era of bandwidth abundance.

REVON Fibre brings your business locations and telecommuters together at breakaway speeds, offering customer-selectable bandwidths from 8 Mb/s – 1 Gb/s. There’s no perceived latency within our network, and as we have provisioned our submarine fibre, (owned and managed by Cable Bahamas Limited) there is less than 75 milliseconds of latency to POPs in the U.S. REVON Fibre will not over-subscribe bandwidth within our network, so the speeds you purchase are the speeds you will get. Furthermore, we guarantee throughput from our Ethernet handoff to the far end of our backbone.

*REVON Pro and REVON Fibre are available in New Providence, Grand Bahama, Abaco and Eleuthera.

Data Circuits

National and international private lines, from T1 through OC48, can connect your worldwide and Bahamas branch locations throughout our robust fibre-optic infrastructure. We have an extremely high penetration of fibre, reaching all major multitenant buildings. With this high density of fibre, we offer the best in terms of reliability and performance, reflective in our Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Cable Bahamas Limited along with Caribbean Crossing Ltd, a 100% wholly owned subsidiary, can arrange for complete end-to-end data connectivity. Whether you simply want to link your Nassau operation to your Freeport remote office, or link offices all the way to London or Geneva, we provide a complete one-stop shop solution. We have working arrangements and interconnection agreements with other major international carriers to facilitate all fibre links.

Broadband Resale

Crevonpro-2able Bahamas Limited is pleased to present a Broadband Resale Offer.

For the purposes of s. 116 of the Communications Act (or the Act), The Utilities Regulation and Competition Authority (URCA) conducted a high level review of the Broadband Resale offer pursuant to section 5.1.3 of URCA’s SMP Final Decision (ECS 11/2010) issued on 22 April 2010. Based on this review, URCA is satisfied that the Offer is complete. URCA has not approved the terms and conditions or pricing of the offer in order to encourage commercial negotiations between Cable Bahamas Limited and potential wholesale customers.

Broadband Wholesale Offer