Browse the web, send important emails and keep up with friends and family via social networking with the nation’s fastest and most reliable broadband Internet!

starts at


  • 30 Mb/s download
  • 6 Mb/s upload
  • 3 private mail accounts
  • Unlimited broadband Internet access for a flat monthly fee
Music Download (5MB) - 2 seconds
3 minute YouTube video (60MB) - 20 seconds
Full length HD movie (2GB) - 10 minutes
Video Game (32GB) - 2 hours 45 minutes

Terms and Conditions Apply: Service not available in all areas. REVON prices reflect bundled rates. Must have a DOCSIS 3.0 modem to receive advertised speeds. Modems are available for a monthly rental fee of $5.00 including insurance, for purchase starting at $99.00 or for swap out starting at $49.00.
Prices not inclusive of VAT.
Acceptable Use Policy.


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