Enjoy everything REV Broadband Internet has to offer with this ultimate package. Experience ultrafast upload and download speeds and get more than enough capacity for all your streaming, gaming and browsing needs.

starts at


  • 105 Mb/s download
  • 18 Mb/s upload
  • 6 private mail accounts
  • Unlimited broadband Internet access for a flat monthly fee
Music Download (5MB) - less than a second
3 minute YouTube video (60MB) - less than 5 seconds
Full length HD movie (2GB) - 3 minutes 45 seconds
Video Game (32GB) - 59 minutes 30 seconds

Terms and Conditions Apply: Service not available in all areas. REVON prices reflect bundled rates. Must have a DOCSIS 3.0 modem to receive advertised speeds. Modems are available for a monthly rental fee of $5.00 including insurance, for purchase starting at $99.00 or for swap out starting at $49.00.
Prices not inclusive of VAT.
Acceptable Use Policy.


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