Why you should choose TV over radio and print

Advertising on Cable Media offers a variety of targeted solutions to business customers through a 24-hour fully automated advertising service of local ad insertion across twenty-three (23) channels with measurable household viewership.

Cable Media offers branding solutions for advertisers tied to specific shows on specific networks with taggable promotional spots. These tools offer branding solutions otherwise unavailable in this market and create a halo effect with the network properties.

Choose the networks your audience is watching

  • Cable Media offers 23 local ad-supported channels, available to 72,400 households, representing over 268,000 marketable viewers.
  • On an average daily basis, Cable Media reaches over 200,000 households (counting each 1/2 hour of viewership in a 24-hour period), an average daily reach of over 500,000 viewers.
  • Cable Media offers ad insertion on OurTV’s seven locally produced shows including Portraits and Round Table and the popular local news show OURNews.

Ready to make TV work for your business?