Go beyond a regular DVR with Iris Multi-Room DVR!

  • Start watching a recorded show in one room and continue in another
  • Watch recorded shows in any room of your home
  • Watch the same show on up to four different set-top boxes at the
    same time
  • Give each of your set-top boxes a name to make keeping track
    easier for you

Iris Multi-Room DVR lets you watch TV on your schedule!

Transform the way you watch TV

  • Pause and rewind live shows
  • Watch and record live shows
  • Record two shows at the same time while watching a third one
  • Fast forward, rewind, pause and skip through any recorded show

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*Limited time offer. Reduced rate valid for one year after commencement of service; thereafter standard rate of $24.99 per month will apply.
Price not inclusive of VAT. Multi-room DVR available on DCX700 set top boxes only.
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