It is Cable Bahamas’ policy that all equipment must remain in the location indicated on the account holder’s service agreement. Use in any other location without the prior approval of Cable Bahamas may result in the permanent disconnection of cable services to the account and a refusal of cable services to the account holder.

Customers that rent rooms within a single dwelling unit will be subject to a bulk hospitality rate and will not be eligible to receive a residential service.

Cable Bahamas is entitled to recover damages for tampering with its equipment, including, but not limited to, the value of the services, if any, obtained without payment together with reasonable collection costs.

You agree to allow us and our agents the right to enter your property at which the Service(s) and/or Cable Bahamas Equipment will be provided (the “Premises”) at reasonable times for purposes of installing, configuring, maintaining, inspecting, upgrading, replacing and removing the Service(s) used to receive any of the Service(s).

Illegal Connections

Cable Bahamas’ customers must not disturb, tamper with, reroute or in any way interfere with any component of the cable system. Any unauthorized connection to or modification of the equipment/installation will be considered a breach of agreement and cause for termination.

Signals provided by Cable Bahamas are intended for one private dwelling unit only.

You agree that the Service(s) and the Cable Bahamas Equipment will be used only for personal, residential, non-commercial purposes, unless otherwise specifically authorized by us in writing. You will not use the Cable Bahamas Equipment at any time at an address other than the Premises without our prior written authorization. You agree and represent that you will not resell or permit another to resell the Service(s) in whole or in part. You will not use or permit another to use the Cable Bahamas Equipment or the Service(s), directly or indirectly, for any unlawful purpose, including, but not limited to, in violation of any posted Cable Bahamas policy applicable to the Service(s).

Customers must apply for an account for each dwelling unit. Cable Bahamas considers a dwelling unit to be a single house, a single unit apartment, a single unit condominium or any other living accommodation or residence with one common entrance and exit, full amenities and the rooms in the dwelling can be accessed from inside the structure.

For clarification, a house, building or complex with multiple rooms, all or some of which are self-contained, the rooms of which are not accessible from inside the structure will be considered a multi-dwelling unit.

In multi-dwelling units, all separate units must have separate authorized Cable Bahamas connections and separate subscriber accounts. Customers must not share equipment with other dwellings or residences or move the equipment to any other residence other than the one specified in the service agreement.

Customers found to have contravened or not complied with the policy herein may be subject to the following;-

1st occasion – Cable Bahamas may issue a warning letter to the customer. Cable Bahamas will not reconnect the customer’s service until it receives a signed acknowledgement of this letter.

2nd occasion – Customer’s service may not be reconnected until Cable Bahamas’ audit department visits the residence and conducts an investigation. This audit visit will be at the cost of the customer in the amount of $100. At this time Cable Bahamas may also increase the amount of deposit held for this customer.

3rd occasion – Cable Bahamas reserves the right to terminate its contract with the customer. In such cases, the customer will be prohibited from transferring, assigning or otherwise us.