Programming Updates

Cable Bahamas’ contracts with programmers to carry their services and stations on REVTV expire occasionally. While we are usually able to renegotiate these agreements with no interruption in service for our REVTV customers, in rare instances, programmers may insist that we cease carriage of their content. In addition, it may become necessary to make adjustments to our channel line-ups and television packages.

For more information on upcoming expirations or other programming changes see below:

July 2017
Effective July 1st, 2017, REVTV subscribers are advised that Esquire, channel 351 will be removed from REVTV Prime Extra. This is a result of NBC Universal, parent company of The Esquire channel, ceasing operations of the network.

March 2017

Effective March 11th, 2017, REVTV subscribers are advised that FOX+ will be rebranded as FOX Premium. Subscribers will continue to have access to all channels, just with new names and logos.

February 2017

Effective February 28th, 2017, REVTV will cease carriage of the Sportsman Channel available in the Prime Sports package, channel 709

November 2016

Effective November 1st, REVTV subscribers are advised that Pivot, channel 655 will be discontinued on REVTV Prime. This change is a result of the parent company, Participant Media, ceasing operations of the TV network.

October 2016

Effective October 7th, 2016, REVTV subscribers are advised that OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), channel 260 will be removed from REVTV Prime Plus. This change has become necessary due to changes in rights and licensing agreements for the Caribbean & Latin America regions.


For any questions or concerns, customers can contact REV support.