Wemyss Bight receives REV Triple Play Services from Cable Bahamas

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Cable Bahamas introduces Triple Play services to Wemyss Bight, EleutheraCable Bahamas Ltd announced today that residents of Wemyss Bight, South Eleuthera can now experience digital TV, broadband Internet, and telephone services in their community. Residents of this settlement in South Eleuthera can now enjoy all of the advanced services provided by Cable Bahamas, including it’s upgraded broadband Internet services due to launch in Eleuthera mid-May.

John Gomez, vice president of engineering at Cable Bahamas stated: “We are delighted to provide all of our services to the residents of Wemyss Bight, South Eleuthera. Last year we made a commitment to this community that we would install services to the area.” Mr Gomez continued, “We are pleased to have met the goal of this project to provide unparalleled communication and entertainment services to Wemyss Bight by 2013.

“We have been expanding our network community by community, island by island every year since we began offering service since 1995,” said Sharnette Curry, Marketing Manager. Ms Curry continued, “We are proud of the extension of our network to Wemyss Bight. We are proud to say that our services cover 99% of the country.”

Spokesperson for the community of Wemyss Bight, Mildred Young stated, “I speak on behalf of the entire Wemyss Bight community when I say, ‘thank you’ and ‘job well done’ to Cable Bahamas. You promised us that all services would be made available to our community, and today, I can proudly say that Cable Bahamas has delivered on its promise.”

Residents of Wemyss Bight can now receive over 400 cable TV channels and speak to their loved ones all over The Bahamas and the world with REVOICE home phone service. Starting May 2013, residents of this Eleuthera settlement will be able to experience up to 70 megabits per second in broadband Internet speeds. This upgrade is considered the first of its class regionally and has put the community of Wemyss Bight on par with major cities in America and the United Kingdom.

Thomas A. Sands Jr., CEO/director, Rock Sound Properties Limited stated, “We have made significant investments in Eleuthera to grow our businesses and create opportunities for the wider community. Connectivity throughout the island of Eleuthera is essential, not only to local businesses but also to those that would choose to visit our shores. I am pleased to see Cable Bahamas expanding its network to Wemyss Bight. Access to a more efficient and reliable network will support the continued growth of businesses and delivery of service to clients at a level they are used to when at home.”

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